Anyone with access to a smart tv, computer or mobile device and an internet connection can watch our YouTube channel for our online services:

The Sunday Celebration playlist can also be found below.

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Our Sunday Celebration Playlist

Coronavirus information from the NHS

When it comes to health, everyone wants reliable, up-to-date information. See the latest from for answers to questions you may have about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Information from Huntingdonshire District Council

HDC has a simple summary of services and guidance available. They encourage people listen to the government advice and use web channels wherever possible. These are the fastest, safest and most reliable ways of getting the information and services that you need.

Help in Godmanchester

The Town Council website has an extensive list of sources which provide helpful information and support:

Covid-19 Mutual Aid (07918 165450) and
Godmanchester Community Timebank (01480 417648
are working together with the Town Council to provide street based local support.

Contact them by phone, via their FaceBook pages (follow the links) or use the details that your street co-ordinator posted through letterboxes

Help from Godmanchester FoodBank

Godmanchester FoodBank (  Details of the opening times and other arrangements:

Help and support from GBC

Contact Us

We have a framework for pastoral care which means that everyone at GBC has someone else at GBC who has committed to making contact with them at least once every week.

As well as phone calls and e-mails, people have set up Whatsapp groups or Messenger chats or video meetings with Zoom or Teams or Skype.

If you haven’t heard from someone do drop us an e-mail ( and we’ll sort it!