Links on this page are to documents which we use for church administration and leadership.

Church Profile

Church Profile

Annual Review and Reports

Annual Reviews and Annual Reports


Gift Aid Declaration

Standing Order Form

OIKODOM 2 Financial Pledge Response Form

Constitution and Membership Covenant

Church Constitution

Church Rules

Church Covenant

Leadership Team Documents

Data Protection Policy (May 2018)

Financial Rules

Fundraising Guidelines

Health and Safety Policy

Leadership Team as GBC Trustees

Leadership Team responsibilities

Whistleblowing Procedure

Prayer Team

Prayer Team Guidelines


Kingdom of Heaven

Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Safeguarding Incident Form

Song Library

You need a personalised OneDrive link to access our Song Library.    Email and we’ll send the link as soon as we can.  Keep the link available as you’ll need to use it each time you access the folder.

The slides use Myriad Pro font.  For best results download the zip file, extract fonts and install both of them to your computer [Download].


Technical Wiki

World Mission

World Mission Strategy