Would your group be interested in making use of the refurbished space? If so, please share your thoughts with us as we finalise the details of the project by completing a short survey on what facilities would be helpful.


A bit about the project

In 2015 the Church completed a substantial refurbishment of Church premises and we are pleased that the different areas are well used by Church and community. Part two of the building project is the refurbishment of the Worship Area, our large hall. As anyone who has spent time in the Worship Area on a rainy day, will tell you, it is high time the leaky roof was sorted out. And with poor heating and virtually no-existent insulation it is not the most welcoming of places. In fact there is quite a bit to sort out. Here is a little more information:


What is the planned work?

  • Small extension with new entrance doors to the Worship Area
  • Extensive insulation throughout the sanctuary – external and internal, roof and walls
  • New, efficient heating and air conditioning
  • New lighting
  • Hire-friendly sound system
  • New ceilings
  • Blocking up windows on the western side, replacement windows elsewhere
  • Acoustic panels
  • New seating and furniture
  • New floor coverings
  • New plumbed in baptismal tank
  • New store to the south of the church building, adjoining Resources Room
  • Redecoration throughout Worship Area and Resource Room
  • New internal doors

What goes on here?

 Watch our video and see what it is all about.


With costs hovering around the £300k mark the project is no small feat. The Church has raised £100k to date and we are now applying for help from grantmakers.

You can also commit to helping fund the project by completing the Financial Pledge Response Form and returning it to Brett Mickelburgh, our Church Treasurer: Financial Pledge Response Form

Find out more

If you would like to hear more about our project, please contact us at office@godmanchesterbaptist.org or on 01480 458565