Four years ago, much of our Church Centre was rebuilt to serve a new generation. It provided the new Craft Room and storage area, 50% more space in our hall, our new wide entrance and central spine with access to the whole building, new kitchen, new toilets, lift to give full upward access to our upstairs rooms, and a better office configuration.

We called the project OIKODOM because first Christians had one word for building a structure and building lives: OIKODOM.

OIKODOM 2 consists of two parts. One is to extend Room 5 which should be completed in the early autumn 2018. The enlarged room also has the potential for use as a Prayer Room with direct access from the street or as a Sensory room for use for young children with learning difficulties. There will also be opportunities for other uses e.g. creative art in worship, small meetings in a downstairs area, breakout from the small hall, as well as the possibility of generating income from external bookings.

The other part of Oikodom 2 is the complete renovation of the Worship Area and Resources Room which is expected to include new heating, windows, lighting, a permanent baptistry, better storage for resources and chairs, better changing facilities for baptism, and much more.  We have planning permission and are working towards obtaining competitive tenders.  A copy of the current plans can be downloaded here. The Worship Area work is estimated at about £200,000.

You can also commit to helping fund the project by completing the Financial Pledge Response Form and returning it to Brett Mickelburgh, our Church Treasurer.

Financial Pledge Response Form