Anglo-Indian Concern (AIC) is a Christian charity.  It supports disadvantaged Anglo-Indians in Chennai, South India, working alongside the Vine Charitable Trust (VCT).  This is a holistic ministry, seeking to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways and by encouraging, advising, guiding and praying for those in need. AIC was started in 1988 by Tom and Rachel Thurley and registered in England in 1993.

The VCT team is led by Grace Shrimpton together with a trained social worker, John Dhanaraj. Their aim is to create self-supporting families. The disadvantaged people they help may be single parents or in low-paid work. By paying school fees, they enable many children and young people to remain in education and achieve their full potential. In turn, these students can take up better paid jobs and support their own families in the future. Approximately 85 children and 20 students are supported in this way. Food allowances are also paid to those in greatest need.

Monthly pensions are given to approximately 100 elderly Anglo-Indians who are unable to support themselves. Assistance with medical expenses and nutrition is also provided when needed.

The AIC charity is supported by individuals, Anglo-Indian groups and churches (including Godmanchester Baptist Church). Supporters receive a newsletter twice a year and those who have individual sponsorships also receive reports on their sponsored child.

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Prayer Points – June 2017

We praise and thank God:

The Shrimpton family have been able to go on holiday in Sri Lanka to stay with a childhood friend of Grace’s. David and Grace have not had a holiday for several years and do not take regular time off from their many responsibilities at the People of the Way and the Vine Charitable Trust. Pray they may have a lovely relaxing time and be renewed in body, mind and spirit.

The results of the 12th standard exams this year have been outstanding with 7 young people getting over 900 marks out of 1200 and 2 getting over 1100. The top marks were those of Samuel with 1172 – amazing considering his family circumstances.

Tom Shrimpton has a place to study English Literature at a college, which is also interested in his sporting gifts!

Please pray:

The 7 students are being advised about college courses. Pray that they will find ones suitable for them and that others who would have difficulty in paying college fees will come to get help.

Please also pray for the 10 who have completed their degree courses that they will be successful in finding good jobs.

There is a heatwave at present so the elderly especially will find it hard to come for their pensions on the Wednesdays in June. Please also pray for John who has to make home visits to new applicants for help in the extreme heat of the middle of the day.

There is again a water shortage, so pray there will be a good summer monsoon.

Please pray for Lettie Kearney who is still not fully fit, that she will get the right treatment so she will be well to go to Chennai next winter.

People of the Way:

Six successful Holiday clubs have been held with something like 350 children reached – many from non-Christian homes. Two more are being held this week in daughter churches.

The young people held a very successful Youth Outreach, to which a number of new Anglo-Indians came.

Please pray that all will have been touched by the love shown to them and the message of the gospel will be remembered by them all.

Pray for Joshua to have wisdom as he leads the little church at Pattravakkam, which is going through some difficult times.

The new church building in Ericuncherri has had to stop work until more funds come in. The foundations and floor slab are completed, but money is still owed to the builder for it. David Shrimpton asks us to pray that God will continue to be faithful and will complete what He has started – and we surely believe He will!