Wednesday 23 March: Lent 2011


You are encouraged to pray the prayer, pause, read the scripture, pause, read the reflection, and then pray the prayer again.

The Breastplate Prayer

May the yoke of the Law of God be upon this shoulder,
The coming of the Holy Spirit be on this head,
The sign of Christ be on this forehead,
The hearing of the Holy Spirit be in these ears,
The smelling of the Holy Spirit in this nose.
The vision that the people of heaven have be in these eyes,
The speech of the people of heaven in this mouth,
The work of the Church of God in these hands
The good of God and of neighbour in these feet.
May God dwell in this heart,
And this person belong entirely to God the Father.

‘May the hearing of the Holy Spirit be in these ears’

1 Samuel 10:5-8

As you approach the town, you will meet a procession of prophets coming down from the high place with lyres, timbrels, pipes and harps being played before them, and they will be prophesying. 6 The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person. 7 Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you.

Those lyres, timbrels, pipes and harps must have made quite a noise.  Together their chords and notes would have blended into a symphony of sound, to which was added the prophetic voices.

The divine musician has made me for the worship-service of God in a certain way. My nature and calling are to do certain works; to render a particular kind of service. He prepared me for this chord while I was in my mother’s womb, though I may not yet know what that nature and calling is – what the sound of my chord will be.

However, when my physical ears hear the testimony and deeds of others who run the same kind of race for which God has designed me, I sense a harmony.

When my physical ears hear the words of those whose testimony calls me to take that same course, something in me will resonate.  Now my life begins to buzz.

That is why it is in hearing the music of others’ lives that I will come to learn how I can join in the song. It is in listening to others that I will hear the prophetic word of God.

As I seek God for that sense of calling and purpose, I must listen and take note of who and what makes me buzz with godly fervour. That is why I must learn to give to God the attention of my ears and pray:

‘Let the hearing of the Holy Spirit be in these ears.’

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