Waterways Chaplaincy

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The vision for this project is to engage the church with the waterways communities. These communities are the boaters; they include live aboards, continuous cruisers, leisure cruisers, walkers, runners, fishermen, waterside residents and businesses.

John and Nicola Clark moved their narrowboat to Hartford Marina recently and so John is working to establish the Waterways Chaplaincy in this area with the blessing of the Environmental Agency.

The boats on the river in summer look idyllic, but, as in all communities, there are down times. People who live or spend leisure time on boats experience bereavement, loneliness, stress, marriage breakdown, ill health and financial difficulties.

John needs people to become involved: to adopt a marina and a public mooring in their area and commit to visiting at least once a week so that they build up relationships with the boaters. This is being Christ in the community: befriending people of faith and no faith, listening, pulling in resources through the senior chaplains where necessary, sharing one’s faith when given the opportunity.

If you would like further information please either call John on 0776 7362084 or email clarkjh@live.co.uk.

2013 Waterways Leaflet