Givenet-SUPPORT-button-SMALL-red is a simple online donation website from Stewardship.

Using this new service, it is possible to give and Gift Aid a donation in a way which will remain anonymous to everyone at GBC (there will be a box to tick on the confirmation page). GBC has a donation page so there is no public list of donations!

3% of the total (gift + gift aid) is retained as their administration charge and a further 1% of the gift if it is made by credit card.

You can find out more are their FAQ page:, or speak to Brett Mickelburgh.

You can give to GBC via by following this link:


Do you ever shop on the internet? If you do, here is an opportunity to raise money for charity by doing what you already do and at no cost to yourself.

Give as You Live is a scheme whereby any one of 2200 merchants will give up to 5% (typically 1-3%) of the purchase price to a charity of your choice. In return they have the opportunity to send you one e-mail a week suggesting stores with whom you may wish to shop, which of course you are free to ignore and do nothing differently than you did before!


All you have to do is download software which pops up with a banner when you enter a site which offers the charity donation. You then choose to click on the banner to activate the software for that site on that visit. Thereafter everything is automatic and the charity donation is collected by GAYL and passed on to the charity.

The link below will allow you to download the software in order to support GBC, but at any point you can choose to change the charity you support to another – Cambodia Action (registered under the old, still official name of Southeast Asia Outreach), Anglo Indian Concern, Rehoboth Children’s Homes Trust and Mission Direct are all registered as recipient charities, as are most of the major national and international charities.

If you have any questions about this, do ask Brett Mickelburgh

This is part of a series from 2009 which explored the connection between Passion, Gifts and Personality.



There are plenty of places to read the bible online—the best being BibleGateway and the increasingly popular YouVersion. a completely fresh approach to engaging with the Scriptures.

When the Bible is always nearby, you can use any moment to read and share God’s Word.

*Use it on nearly every mobile device
*Enjoy 150+ Bible translations in many languages
*Listen to audio Bibles on the go
*Choose from hundreds of reading plans
*Share verses quickly on Twitter & Facebook

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s right where you are. On your computer:

On your phone: the Bible App.  Install it in minutes:

The Bible App has now been installed on more than 35 million mobile devices, and they are averaging about 2 million installs each month. It is probably the best bible reading app available at present.  It is available for all mobile operating systems.  The Android and iPhone apps are especially good; as usual the Symbian one leaves a little more to be desired!

If you don’t already use YouVersion on a digital device, it comes highly recommended.

Why not have a try at an on-line reading plan with YouVersion starting on 1 January?

Our 5 young people (and Daniel Beckett and Joe George) were involved in the Beyond Belief initiative in Cambridge!  They particularly helped with a Holiday Club – leading groups, and doing drama and games; prayer walked; and helped with a Youth Cafe at Great Shelford Free Church.