image On Christmas Day 1968, Apollo 8 circled the dark side of the moon and headed for home. Over the horizon of the moon rose the blue and white earth, glistening in the light of the sun against the black void of space. Only one thing could capture the awe-inspiring thrill of this magnificent sight. In what was the most watched television broadcast at the time, William Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman read from Genesis 1. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, these were the only word worthy enough to describe that unspeakable sight.

Our God is awesome. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. God is the Creator of the world. That does not imply that absolutely nothing existed or had happened before this. The earlier creation of angels and other heavenly beings is already assumed (1:26).

God created.” The Bible only uses the word “create” with God as the subject. It never has any man or woman as a subject. It never says any person “created” anything. Nowadays we often speak of people being “creative.” It is all right to speak that way but we ought to notice that the Bible specially reserves the word “create” for things only God can do. This verse and many others clearly teach that God made all things out of nothing. An artist creates a picture, but he uses acrylics or oils. An engineer constructs a building, but it is made of glass, steel, or concrete. Just think of what that tells us about the power, wisdom, and glory of God. What an awesome creator God!

God created the earth, the universe, and everything that exists. This fact is certain. A. Cresesy Morrison, a scientist, wrote an article entitled, Seven Reasons Why I Believe in God. He argued his case as follows:

    1. Consider the rotation of the earth.
    Our globe spins on its axis at the rate of one thousand miles an hour. If it were just a hundred miles an hour, our days and nights would be ten times as long. The vegetation would freeze in the long night or it would burn in the long day; and there could be no life.

    2. Consider the heat of the sun.
    Twelve thousand degrees at surface temperature, and we’re just far enough away to be blessed by that terrific heat. If the sun gave off half its radiation, we would freeze to death. If it gave off one half more, we would all be crispy critters.

    3. Consider the twenty-three degree slant of the earth.
    If it were different than that, the vapours from the oceans would ice over the continents. There could be no life.

    4. Consider the moon.
    If the moon were fifty thousand miles away rather than its present distance, twice each day giant tides would inundate every bit of land mass on this earth.

    5. Consider the crust of the earth.
    Just a little bit thicker and there could be no life because there would be no oxygen.

    6. Consider the thinness of the atmosphere. If our atmosphere was just a little thinner, the millions of meteors now burning themselves out in space would plummet this earth into oblivion.

    7. Finally, the fact that man is capable of grasping the idea of the existence of God is in itself sufficient evidence.

He concluded by saying, “These are reasons why I believe in God.”

This one verse challenges our contemporary thinking.

It challenges atheism: Genesis assumes the existence of God. He is a personal creating God

It challenges agnosticism: God does reveal Himself, as well as what He has done.

It challenges pantheism: God is absolutely different to what He creates.

It challenges polytheism: Only one God created all things.

It challenges materialism: Matter had a beginning; God is eternal.

It challenges dualism: God was certainly alone when He created.

It challenges humanism: God, and not man, is the ultimate reality. 

If God is the Creator of all things out of nothing, then He owns all things and all people absolutely (Ps 24:1; 89:11; 95:5).
We are stewards or trustees of God’s estate. Not only does God own our possessions, He also owns us absolutely. We are the clay and He is the potter, and He may do with us exactly as He pleases (Ps 29:16; 45:9). Take your spiritual temperature here. If this sounds good to you and you readily submit to God’s ownership, it is the mark of grace and maturity in your life. But if this is offensive to you and you resent the thought of God having an absolute right to do with you as He pleases, it is a mark of the need to grow in these things.

Everything that exists has a purpose, a goal, and a reason for being.
If God did not create the world then any goal is as good as another. There are no absolutes and everything is aimless and absurd. The only meaning in life is what you arbitrarily create by doing your own thing. But if God did create the world then it has an absolute purpose. The ultimate purpose of God in creation was and is to display His glory in all its fullness.

If we are creatures, we are totally and utterly dependent on our Creator for everything.
We are weaker than the weakest baby apart from Him. Every breath we take, every calorie of energy we expend, and every good intention we fulfil is a gift from our merciful Creator who owes us nothing.

Everything that exists must be under God’s control.
Forces of nature, enemies, creatures, and objects that became pagan gods. None of these can threaten the servants of the living God. What are you currently worried about?

Perhaps you are like the little girl whose mother found her sobbing uncontrollably. When the mother asked the little girl why she was crying, the little girl raised her tear-dampened hand, pointed to the wall, and said between her sniffles that she was afraid of the nail that was protruding there. The mother gazed at her in consternation and asked why on earth she would be afraid of the nail on the wall. The little girl burst into a fresh deluge as she sobbed, “I’m afraid that one day I will have a little girl, and she will grow up and bump her head on that nail.”

What nail on the wall are you afraid of? Whether they are real or imaginary, worries about our future can rob us of peace and joy at the present. Will you release your nail to God today?