Sunday Services

While building work is ongoing at GBC, we are holding our 10.30am Sunday morning services at Grace Fellowship church, Ermine Street, Little Stukeley, Huntingdon PE28 4BE. In addition the service are made available on our YouTube channel.

Details of Sunday services for children can be found here.

We encourage those attending Grace Fellowship to observe appropriate Covid restrictions, such as wearing a mask – and, of course, NOT coming if you think you might have symptoms. We will continue to monitor Government guidance and current good practice with regard to Covid and will make changes to the arrangements if it seems appropriate. Where possible we will inform you of any changes through our weekly news email. If you do not receive this and would like to do so, please subscribe here.

If you would like further details about current restrictions that are in place at Grace Fellowship, please ring us (01480 458565) for clarification. If you feel unsure about attending, we recommend you watch the YouTube broadcast instead.


Additional information if you are watching on YouTube


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