Spiritual Gifts and Graces (8) – Discovering Ourselves

1. Knowing who we are is a key part of knowing where to minister. So complete the worksheet: Style Assessment.  Although very simple, it gives surprisingly accurate answers.  Then us the interpretive sheet – to discover more about how you will server.  Share your results with the others – it’s usually a really enjoyable part of the process

God has wired us all up differently!


2. Use the summary form to collect up all their answers from the last three weeks. Include the results from your Friends Assessment.


3. Share and pray with each other about ways to serve God which co-operates with what you have discovered about your passion, gifts and personality.


4. Plan to attend the mission fair at the end of the service on 12th July to see there are openings for you in God’s service at GBC.


5. Seek out others with the same or complimentary passions, gifts and personalities.


6. Reflect and pray together about the whole of this series and what you have learnt in your cell group.


Going deeper with Ps 139

1. How does David feel about God’s total knowledge of him? How do you feel about God’s total knowledge of you? Why?


2. Why does it matter that God knows you so intimately? What difference does it make? Why does David make such a big deal over it?


3. How do people try to get away from God? Have you ever tried to get away from God? Why?


4. What dark situation in your life needs to be brought into God’s light?


5. What things about yourself do you have difficulty accepting, even to the point of questioning your Creator? Is there anything in the Psalm that helps you in this dilemma?


6. Faith can be defined as “choosing to believe God’s Word (promises) regardless of

our feelings or circumstances”. In other words, if my circumstances and feelings contradict what God says is true, I choose, by an act of my will, to believe and put my trust in God’s truth instead of what my feelings or circumstances may be telling me. If you are willing to believe the truth you have discovered in Psalm 139, regardless of what you feel about yourself and your circumstances, write a short prayer to God telling him you choose to believe the truths of him and yourself.

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