Song of Songs: A Love Story

imageThis 3,000-year-old collection of love letters is extraordinary in its timeless relevance. In our day, people devote a vast amount of time, money, and energy in pursuit of sexual happiness, making it perhaps the most popular religion in the world. God has much to teach us regarding his plan for sex and marriage. Get it right and we live as God designed us. 

In this practical, clear, grown-up, but not tacky series, we’ll explore issues of sexuality from which we can all learn how to value and uphold godly relationships within and outside of marriage.

18 April 2010
Sex, sin and society
Song of Songs 1:1-7

Sexuality saturates our culture. Sex can be viewed as either a god, as goods, or a gift. The Bible teaches us that sex is a gift that is to be stewarded wisely.

25 April 2010
Communicate with Care
Song of Songs 1:8-2:7

Marriages come under pressure when there is a breakdown in communication or care for each other. In the Song of Songs, God gives us principles for married couples that will help keep couples faithful to and satisfied with each other.

2 May 2010
Fears, foxes, and friends
Song of Songs 2:8-3:5

Every marriage has fears, foxes, and friends. Fears can break trust and intimacy, foxes are the seemingly small things that sneak into a marriage and create disunity, and friends need to be there to hold a marriage in accountability and help each spouse love one another and Jesus more.

9 May 2010
Wedding Days and Last Days
Song of Songs 4

A wedding day is a beautiful thing, but the most important day of your marriage is the last day. A marriage can be lived with a focus on the last day, and we can learn from King Solomon's failure to do so.

16 May 2010
The heart of the matter
Song of Songs 7:1-8:4

We complete our series with one of the most passionate passages in the Bible, as we discover how married couples can be generous to one another, and how single people can maintain their integrity..