Laurel Fennell joined our team as our Parish Nurse in October 2014 and is developing a parish nursing ministry at GBC.

Laurel is an experienced Registered Nurse who works with us on Tuesdays, in a voluntary capacity, developing whole-person health care in the local community.  She is also a qualified Counsellor. Laurel combines her specialist nursing knowledge with spiritual care and health promotion for all kinds of people, of all faiths and none.

Parish Nurses work alongside the local church and other healthcare providers, combining knowledge of the body with a focus on spiritual care. They work to bring ‘wholeness’, giving individuals a sense of worth and purpose.

As Christians we believe that God cares for everyone, whether or not they come to church, so Parish Nurses offer their help without prejudice and will not put pressure on anyone to change their religion or join a particular church. Parish nurses work co-operatively with other health providers so that total health is enhanced, prevention of disease is furthered and people stay healthier.

All UK Parish Nurses follow the Code of Practice of the Nursing and Midwifery Council and so confidentiality is paramount.  This means that information about an individual will not be shared with anyone unless specific permission is given (or if something that is said implies the risk of harm to the client or others).

The church is a partner with Parish Nursing UK in carrying out this ministry.

You can contact Laurel on 07817 581250 or email her at