More than a building, a name or a weekly gathering, GBC is a community of people. Our identity is found in God. We exist to serve and glorify Him. We are living together the adventure for which God has created us. This is to pursue a living relationship with Jesus and being changed by Him.

As God has led and grown us, His mission for us gradually becoming clearer: We believe we are a church called to love God, love each other and making disciples in our community.  In order to do that we are a worshipping community, a small group community and a serving community.

Community grows in our congregation meetings and celebrations, in the smaller gatherings during the week, and as we pray, serve and reach out to those around us, and in partnerships with other churches and organisations in this country and around the world.

We’re seeking to know God better, to hear His voice and to respond to Him with the whole of our lives. The more we seek Him, the more God reveals of Himself – and of who He wants us to be.  Whenever, wherever, whatever the cost, we desire to be a church that sees where God is moving and responds without hesitation to follow His lead.

Our hope is that you will join us on this journey.

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We seek to create a safe place within our church family for for children, young people and adults at risk. More about safeguarding.