One of our key aims at GBC is to “make disciples”.  This takes many forms and one significant way is for more experienced Christians to support and encourage those new in the faith. 

The less experienced person, or mentee, decides what issues need to be raised and then seeks the advice and support of the more experienced person. Mentors seek to answer questions concerning the Christian life and faith issues that their protégés are facing. The mentor provides wisdom, guidance and counsel, usually in a non-directional way.  The objective is that the mentee is able to grow in spiritual maturity.

Mentoring is “a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction,” and can be a hugely rewarding experience for both people.

We encourage people to create a mentoring relationship outside of a friendship group, for the time commitment and other practical arrangements to be mutually agreed.

We can currently encourage and offer mentoring to people of all ages and Christian experience who belong to any of our congregations.  To find out more, please speak to one of the pastors.