Prayer Room

The Prayer Room reopens from Wednesday 2 December.

This time of year is often a time for reconnecting with God, family and friends. It is a time of Christmas lists and wishes. It is a time for thinking of charities and needs around the world. In December and January our prayer room theme is ASK. Why not visit and express your prayers to God in a different way on any of our three Walls?

You can book a one hour slot via the church office on 01480 458565 or by emailing, so no need to worry about possibly having to wait outside!  Suggest a time and we’ll let you know if it’s possible.

Room to Reflect

Our “Room to Reflect” is open on Fridays between 9.00am and 1.00pm, but other times can be booked as well subject to availability. Please email the church office or ring 01480 458565 if you would like to book a slot to come and use the resources provided or just sit quietly and spend time in peace and quiet with God.


Registered Charity No: 1188171