Football Project Changes

As of the 1 April Football Project will experience some exciting changes.

Football Project will be merging with Huntingdonshire District Council’s ‘Street Sports’ Initiative. The name will be changed from ‘Football Project’ to ‘Godmanchester Street Sports.’

This merger will mean that Godmanchester Baptist Church will no longer have the lead responsibility for the project. Instead Street Sports will be headed up by Doug Finlayson, a Sport Activator for Huntingdon Town Council as part of their DASH (Delivering Activity and Sport in Huntingdonshire) initiative. I have attached the website link for more information.

GBC will continue to be involved in an active role and the project will continue to run 6pm – 7pm for those in who are 11 -14 and 7pm – 8pm for 15 – 19 years old on Monday nights term time and will run from Godmanchester Primary School.