28 September 2017 at 7:45pm – 9:30pm

Come and hear Tania Bright, Executive Director of Church Response For Refugees.

Ask the question, can we welcome and support refugees in Huntingdon and Godmanchester?

Six years of brutal civil war in Syria, coupled with atrocities committed by ISIS across the Middle East, have created one of the greatest human crises in the world today.

  • Almost 500,000 Syrian people have died
  • Some 11 million – nearly half the population – have fled their homes
  • Almost 5 million are in vast camps in neighbouring countries

The UK Government is committed to resettling 23,000 refugees in the UK and launched the Community Sponsorship scheme. This is an opportunity for churches and other faith-based organisations to be salt and light – to take on the challenging but rewarding role of offering hospitality to the stranger.

Church Response For Refugees is a movement of individuals, churches and communities, concerned about the plight of refugees arriving in the UK, coming together to use our voices, influence and resources to actively welcome and support refugees.


In addition to her work with Church Response for Refugees, Tania works as Group Director at the Chapel St Community Fund, where she is responsible for organisational change and development, leads on Wellbeing and new enterprise. Tania is a seasoned leader, blending commercial procurement experience with church leadership. Tania has been a keynote speaker and seminar contributor at Spring Harvest, New Wine, CVM’s The Gathering, AGLOW networks, and churches and groups of all persuasions across the UK.

As a foster carer and with two adopted babies, Tania has a beautiful new perspective on what ‘family’ means. Tania now contributes to local authority Adoption and Fostering preparation courses, speaks to groups of Social Workers sharing from a ‘carers’ perspective and is part of a working group looking at re-imagining how 10+year-old’s are ‘looked after’ in the Care System.