Our special Advent Windows are lit every night, 4-9pm, from their selected date until 31 December 2020.

Please print or download pdf of this page to take with you [printfriendly]


  • The table below gives the addresses of all the windows lit from today and a fun question to answer at each address.
  • Find a letter in each the window and discover the well-known phrase.
  • Answers to all the questions and the anagram will be posted on this website after Christmas.


  • Please respect people’s property – we have chosen windows which you can see from a road or a nearby public place.
  • Please keep safe – this is a time of national or local lockdown and we ask you to go and view the window during your time of daily exercise. Always keep your distance with those not from your household – 2 metres apart.

Return to our website again to see new windows available right up to Christmas Eve.

21 December37 Sweetings Road
In which direction were the wise men travelling?
20 December12 Ferndown Drive
‘Be…. what?
19 December23 Windsor Road
Why do we have these at Christmas?
18 December7 Bergamont Close
What type of bird can you see on the tree?
17 December52 Comben Drive
How many animals plus angels are there in our window ?
16 December1 Lions Cross
What two animals can you see hidden in the window display?
15 December11 Fishers Way
How much sleep does this animal need a day?
14 December7 Devana Close
How many stars do you see?
13 December123 Stokes Drive
Who are the musicians and
what instruments are they playing?
12 December5 Croftfield Road
How many times can you see the words “thank you”?
11 December35 Brick Kilns
How many snowmen are there?
10 December54 London Street
What can you see that doesn’t belong in this scene?
9 December3 Gallier Close
How many stars are in the window?
8 December44 Crowhill
Who wrote this carol?
7 December3 The Stiles
Who or what is hiding behind Olaf?
6 December10 Field Walk
Why does the robin have a red breast?
5 December10 Granary Close
How many presents can you see?
4 December2 Grainger Avenue
Which Royal had the first Christmas Tree in England?
3 December25 Park LaneHow old was Jesus when the wise men came to visit him?
2 December28 Cambridge RoadWhat has happened to the shepherds’ crooks?
1 December23 Bluegate
How many points on the star?

Please print or download pdf this page to take with you [printfriendly]