Abortion time limits

You’ve probably heard that three Government ministers have backed a reduction in the 24 week time limit for abortions in the past few days… And now even the Prime Minister has said the same on national television! He said on the Andrew Marr show yesterday that he supported a “modest reduction” from 24 weeks.

Christian Concern say that now is the time to capitalise on this growing support amongst MPs. Would you email your MP, urging them to express their support as well?

But it’s not just MPs who back a reduction in the abortion time limit. This is in line with public opinion, especially amongst women. Figures from a YouGov poll published in January this year suggest that 37% of people want the time limit for abortion to come down. Amongst women, the figure is 49%. This, along with the fact that the majority of the cabinet have previously voted for a reduction, gives a reason to be hopeful.

More information: http://www.christianconcern.com/