60-Day Makeover: How did we do?


Too many to be even remembered in full – but here’s a list of most we did!

The Shop

The Makeover really started in earnest with the Church day of cleaning on 16 July. One cell group had already cleaned up the exit to the worship area prior to this. There was a good turnout on the day, despite the weather, and we made a tremendous impact on cleaning out the shop, – filling a skip to the brim. To their credit some people continued work in appalling conditions in the rain and thanks to them and others who worked on other jobs inside, much was achieved.

Small Hall

Redundant fan control box removed from wall;
Stained carpet tiles replaced.
Door through to kitchen replaced
Damaged wall panel and window ledge re-plastered
Walls and doors re-painted where necessary
Outside guttering repaired but further work necessary
Mastic to external window frames
Littlefoot toy cupboard sorted
Repairs to curtain track and fixing new curtains – in hand

Crèche Room

Cleaned and tidied

Messy Room

Room re-painted;
Cupboards cleared out


Doors re-painted

East Chadley Reception

External office dismantled and disposed of;
Walls repainted; Cupboard doors replaced;
Curtains cleaned and re-fixed.

Gents Toilet

Sink unit and toilet seat replaced; Some tiles replaced;
Skirting replaced; Window pull cords repaired
Light cord replaced; Walls, ceiling and woodwork painted

Upstairs Hall

Four room doors replaced and waxed; Picture removed;
Walls, door frames and window sill repainted where necessary
Cupboards sorted.

Upstairs Room 1

Ceiling, walls and skirting board repainted; new carpet tiles laid


Fire exit route for Worship Area cleared of weeds ( but now needs doing again!)
Side gate and Main Entrance poles repainted
East Chadley facade and porch, power washed and windows cleaned

Thank you so much to everyone who was involved and especially to John Stevens for managing the project as well as undertaking many of the tasks.