Mission Direct

Mission Direct is an inter-denominational, international Christian not for profit organisation with a vision to be of practical help and a desire to bring spiritual hope to some of the world’s poorest people.

Tim Martindale, one of the founders, is a member of GBC, and GBC helps to support the work of Mission Direct.

Mission Direct works in partnership with local tradesmen to support indigenous businesses and skills, existing health, education and housing projects to improve their capacity and facilities and local NGO’s, churches and charities to help them help themselves.

They do not start projects, they simply join local people in what they are already doing, helping one by one.

Those they serve have profound needs and sometimes the poverty is overwhelming. Yet it’s possible to make a real difference. Mission Direct sees lives changed, of those we serve as well as those who go to serve.

Mission Direct currently works in Uganda, Moldova, Cambodia, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, Brazil, India, Kenya and Zimbabwe.  They take out volunteers on two week Mission Trips and anyone is invited to join them, regardless of age, skills or ability.  In addition there are specialist trips for those skilled in IT, teachers and medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all medically related professions.

Contact Mission Direct on 01582 720056 or see www.missiondirect.org